Supporting Students' Academic Growth

Sharing Our Curriculum

Uncommon Schools has a long tradition of sharing what we learn in our schools to improve education for all children. We are excited to collaborate with our partners to make these resources accessible.

Our Commitment to Students

For years, Uncommon high schools have been deeply committed to providing students with access to as many Advanced Placement (AP) courses as possible. Research shows that students who take AP courses perform better in college than those who don’t. However, too few students nationally are able to access this type of rigorous coursework critical for success in college.

That’s why we’re committed to offering as many AP courses as possible to students—including ensuring open enrollment for all students. We’re excited to launch our High School Curriculum Hub and give educators access to six AP-aligned courses with a full suite of materials, including unit plans, daily lesson materials, and more.

All of the materials you’ll find in the hub were created by our expert content creators, and can be easily adapted by teachers to meet the needs of their students.

special thanks

Content Creators

We are grateful to the educators and their students whose passion for learning, commitment to achievement, and invaluable experiences in the classroom have led to the content we share.

Julia Addeo Precalculus Curriculum Contributor
Tom Brinkerhoff AP Research Principal Curriculum Writer
Aisha Butcher Precalculus Curriculum Contributor
Poorvi Goradia AP Bio & AP Chem Principal Curriculum Writer
Erica Lim AP Seminar Principal Curriculum Writer
Allison Johnson AP Computer Science A Principal Curriculum Writer
Emelia Pelliccio AP Science Curriculum Contributor
Derek Pollak Precalculus Principal Curriculum Writer
Aidan Thomas Precalculus Contributing Curriculum Writer
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